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Would you have sex with your partner without using condoms?
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Dagu Youth Media

dagu_teamAfter more than a year on air on Sheger FM 102.1, the long awaited exciting youth show has finally made it to the web.

DAGU takes its name from the highly acclaimed Afari information exchange system- where whenever two or more Afari people coming from different places meet; they would share information with each other about everything that is new to their respective villages. DAGU, translated as “what is new?”, is a very efficient way to convey information.

Likewise, DAGU Addis opens the floor for young people to share their new experiences, adventures and information with their peers. As our tagline goes “there’s nothing that won’t be talked about” on DAGU. So what do you want to talk about?... Life styles?, relationships?, communication?, HIV/AIDS/RH?, gender? DAGU has got it all!! With its captivating stories, engaging discussions and current info, DAGU provides you with the full package to help you stay safe and healthy. Not only that, our liberal and witty approach will make you feel as if you are talking to your best friend.

So we invite you to listen to DAGU Addis episodes at your own convenience. Once again welcome and enjoy your stay with us!



Congrats to Our Winners!!

On our making it episode, we featured renowned international supermodel and founder of African Mosaique, Anna Getaneh, well-known designer Hirut Gugsa of Mela Designs as well as up and coming designers Mafi (Mahlet Afework) and Fikirte Addis who are endeavoring to establish themselves in the fashion design world.

The young designers stuck to their passions through many ups and downs and were able to participate in the African Fashion Week in New York. Mafi says in order to pursue your dreams and be on the road to making it; you need to figure out what your dreams are, do a lot of research and endeavor, endeavor, endeavor! Listen to our Making It episode to hear the full story.

When we went to interview them, all three designers, Hirut, Mafi and Firkirte, gave us some cool designer goodies that we can give away to you, our audience. Therefore, we decided to ask you to write us what your dreams and goals are and what you’re doing to accomplish them.

We received many entries among whom, five - Cherenet Tessema, Tanan Arega, Yoftahe Negussie, Rosa Kassahun, Selamawit Paulos and Sador G.Michael, were selected winners.

Let's Dagu
  • Gossip
    Written by Eden Geremew

    Gossip is defined as a general act of talking behind peoples’ backs. It could be true or a lie, but it’s still something we don’t dare talk about openly. Shhhhhhhhhh…’s a secret….lol   While producing this episode it was tough to get interviewees. Even though people do talk about other people behind their backs they tend to shy away from disclosing it. My first storyteller Yissack was hurt by the act of Gossiping. I met with him on Wednesday afternoon after class at Entoto Amba high school. He was very kind enough to take me and show me where he and his girlfriend used to sit when she told him what she heard about him.   ‘Yes, rumors broke our love’ was how he put it. She told him; she heard from her friends that he cheats on her and said that she would like to break up with him.…

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How ready are you?
Written by Meklit G.Michael   

A lot of adolescents know very little about sex and the negative consequences it may have if one is not prepared for it. So many get into it because of peer pressure and others out of curiosity, very little, however, make a conscious effort to be prepared before becoming sexually active. Although many have heard about HIV/AIDS, not many consider to make the appropriate preparations in order to avoid undesirable outcomes. There are certain things adolescents and young adults should consider before starting to have physical intimacies and sex.

The points listed below, although by no means comprehensive, should serve as a starting point for adolescents and young adults to have some level of awareness regarding reproductive health issues:

  1. You need to be tested for STIs as some STIs could be transmitted through the smallest physical intimacy. Of course, couples should also be tested for HIV/AIDS. It’s highly recommended that youngsters visit reproductive health centers or an ObGyn for counseling before becoming sexually active. If this proves impossible then youngsters should do their own research about STIs and other reproductive health issues.
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