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Would you have sex with your partner without using condoms?
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About Us

Program Goal and Objectives


CCP/ARC’s DAGU Youth Media Program’s overall goal is to slow the spread of HIV infection among young people. This program contributes to ongoing efforts across Ethiopia that seek to change young people’s attitudes and beliefs about HIV/AIDS, modify their risk perceptions, and build their ability to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. 


At its conclusion, the program will:

  • Increase students’ perception of their susceptibility to HIV infection;
  • Increase the percentage of students reporting increased self-efficacy with respect to HIV prevention; and,
  • Delay sexual debut among students who are not sexually active.

The intention of this intervention is to increase students’ sense of vulnerability, while at the same time strengthening their ability to protect themselves from infection (self-efficacy). The program’s behavioral objective is to delay sexual debut among students who are not sexually active. All these objectives pertain to students attending participating pilot schools.


Communication Strategy

This program is using the following communication strategies to reach its intended target groups.

Approach 1: Produce entertaining and informative audio programs for broadcast through school-based media.
The program will use entertainment and reality programming, personal narratives, vox pops, entertaining games, role play and other audio media formats t to influence young people’s attitudes towards HIV risk and sexual behavior. Combining entertainment with education enlivens prevention communication because entertainment is fun, exciting and engaging. Entertainment programming has high recall and spurs conversations, keeping audiences involved even after the communication activity is over.

Approach 2: Develop schools’ capacity to deliver compelling HIV messaging using audio media.
Under this strategy, DAGU will provide capacity building through trainings and equipments to schools and target groups. This strategy focuses on developing youths’ capacity to speak about HIV prevention more powerfully, to express their perspectives through school-media, and influence their peers.


Target Audience

The primary target audience consists of young people age 15 – 19/20 year olds attending high schools. Our secondary audience is parents and other adults as well as out of school youth within the same age group as the primary target audience.



The program is bieng managed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs/AIDS Resource Center (CCP/ARC). It is executed in partnership with Addis Ababa Education bureau, and Commercial radio stations.