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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 13:54


Written by Eden Geremew
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Gossip is defined as a general act of talking behind peoples’ backs. It could be true or a lie, but it’s still something we don’t dare talk about openly. Shhhhhhhhhh…’s a secret….lol


While producing this episode it was tough to get interviewees. Even though people do talk about other people behind their backs they tend to shy away from disclosing it. My first storyteller Yissack was hurt by the act of Gossiping. I met with him on Wednesday afternoon after class at Entoto Amba high school. He was very kind enough to take me and show me where he and his girlfriend used to sit when she told him what she heard about him.


‘Yes, rumors broke our love’ was how he put it. She told him; she heard from her friends that he cheats on her and said that she would like to break up with him. Had he been honest with her and told her that her friend (whom he thinks may have incited the gossip in the first place) had been into him behind her back, he could possibly have saved their relationship, but he didn’t.


According to our expert one cause of gossip is jealousy and I believe Yissack’s story was a good example of that. What is unfortunate, however, is that Yissack has joined a group of friends who have various addictions and has started missing classes. It is obvious that he still loves her but it’s regrettable that he’s also hurting himself as he doesn’t study anymore and feels hopeless.


My second interviewee was Hanan, a very strong young girl who was able to stand her ground after having been victimized by gossip. Although people were talking behind her back she was able to handle the situation wisely by ignoring them and carrying on with her life . Listen to the episode to hear the whole story.

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