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Would you have sex with your partner without using condoms?
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Let's Dagu
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 13:54


Written by Eden Geremew

Gossip is defined as a general act of talking behind peoples’ backs. It could be true or a lie, but it’s still something we don’t dare talk about openly. Shhhhhhhhhh…’s a secret….lol


While producing this episode it was tough to get interviewees. Even though people do talk about other people behind their backs they tend to shy away from disclosing it. My first storyteller Yissack was hurt by the act of Gossiping. I met with him on Wednesday afternoon after class at Entoto Amba high school. He was very kind enough to take me and show me where he and his girlfriend used to sit when she told him what she heard about him.


‘Yes, rumors broke our love’ was how he put it. She told him; she heard from her friends that he cheats on her and said that she would like to break up with him. Had he been honest with her and told her that her friend (whom he thinks may have incited the gossip in the first place) had been into him behind her back, he could possibly have saved their relationship, but he didn’t.


According to our expert one cause of gossip is jealousy and I believe Yissack’s story was a good example of that. What is unfortunate, however, is that Yissack has joined a group of friends who have various addictions and has started missing classes. It is obvious that he still loves her but it’s regrettable that he’s also hurting himself as he doesn’t study anymore and feels hopeless.


My second interviewee was Hanan, a very strong young girl who was able to stand her ground after having been victimized by gossip. Although people were talking behind her back she was able to handle the situation wisely by ignoring them and carrying on with her life . Listen to the episode to hear the whole story.

Friday, 13 January 2012 07:55

On Sexual Harassment

Written by Elsabeth Mesele

Hi everyone, how’s it going? I hope everyone’s holiday was full of love and delicious foods! I know that I consumed about the amount that could feed an entire village! For a month… or two… Anyway, now onto a bit more serious issue…

I’m certain that every single woman in this country, regardless of age, economic background, or race, can recall numerous instances during which they were sexually harassed, whether that be in the work place, school, or just out on the streets.

I present to you a scenario, which, after reading, you are more than welcome to comment on and discuss. We actually need your input so that we can add it on to our upcoming episode, which will be aired on SHEGER FM 102.1.

Yohannes is a 20 year old who has been dating Blen, a good looking 17 year old, for a couple of years. Yohannes comes from a well-to-do family and runs his family business in Mercato, while Blen, born in Adama, stays with her relatives to go to school in Addis. Because she doesn’t have enough pocket money, Yohannes has been supporting her. He buys for her almost anything she needs, even clothes, shoes, school supplies, etc. He also takes her to places she’s never been to before, to all the good restaurants and recreation places. One day, while she was out clubbing with Yohannes, she forgot her cell phone on the table, which was later picked up by Mengistu, who was also clubbing the same night and who was eyeing her the whole evening. To cut the story short, she meets Mengistu when he returned her phone to her and falls in love with him after months of correspondence over the phone and having coffee from time to time. Because she wanted to be free to date Mengistu, one day, she tells Yohannes that she wants to break up with him as she has fallen in love with another guy and wants to now separate peacefully.

Yohannes, who’s been dreaming of marrying Blen once she finishes school, finds it hard to break up with her. He can’t let go of his relationship with her. Thus, he starts stalking her and harassing her. He sometimes goes to her house and threatens to harm her if she doesn’t return to him. He has threatened to have Mengistu beaten up on several occasions as well. Do you think Yohannes is justified in his actions? Do you think that he has the right to threaten her or physically harass her because some may say that ‘she’s been using him’? Does Blen have the right to dump Yohannes after all that he has done for her? Was she wrong to even begin corresponding with Mengistu? Please write your opinions and comments to us!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011 12:50

To avoid HIV

Written by Meklit G.Michael

Although many have heard so much about HIV/AIDS, what measures do you think sexually active people should take to avoid contracting HIV and other STIs?