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Would you have sex with your partner without using condoms?
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Dagu Youth Media
Genet's Award Winning Story on Dagu

"It was during the summer break that I met this taxi driver. I really liked him and shortly afterwards we started dating. One day we went out for lunch, had a couple of drinks and he asked me to spend some time at a private place, a hotel bedroom. I was too drunk to think and decide…It’s only when I woke up from my drunken state after a couple of hours that I realized I had sex and lost my virginity. Couple of weeks later I went for HIV and pregnancy testing. I was HIV negative but pregnant."

Genet Nigussie

Click here to download and listen to Genet's story that aired on Dagu.

Genet had to quit school, leave town and give birth to her baby at a relative’s place in a rural area.

Miscommunication with parents and peers, pregnancy, HIV, quitting school, break up, love, infatuation… these are stories often discussed around youth. Most of us have either experienced them or at least we know someone, like Genet, who has gone through one of these circumstances. But how many of us discuss these issues out in the open? How many of us have adequate information about the things we encounter in our day-to-day life? What is really taboo?

After more than a year on air on Sheger FM102.1 and school mini media around Addis, DAGU has now joined to the web community around the globe. DAGU offers us the opportunity to break the ice and discuss about various issues like communication, sex, relationships, life style, HIV/RH and other stuff. You can find all of the episodes broadcast so far and listen at your own convenience. You can also find other exciting stuff like blogs and links to related websites. We would love to hear your comments and so please call us, email or send us a text. You can also drop by our office located at Dembel Building 10th floor, AIDS Resource Center.


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